SkySee Video: Full Service Video Production

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Business Videos That Connect to Your Audience

SkySee Video provides complete video production and graphic design, supporting companies with every step of the production process.

Demand for effective media increases every year, and so does your production schedule. With marketing departments stretched thin and team members working overtime to meet project deadlines, the need for outside consultation and production support has never been greater.

Picking the right team you can trust means less oversight, more efficient use of internal time & resources, and the assurance that deadlines are met. At SkySee Video, we’ll respect, protect and project your brand, creating work that drives viewers and grows your business. From long-form campaigns to snackable social media content, you’ve got marketing needs and we’ve got video solutions.

Christiansen Communications is the parent company of SkySee Video



Stunning, cinematic videography shot on the ground and in the air. With our passion and experience we provide the shots you need to reach your targeted audience.


SkySee Video works with businesses to create high-impact campaigns and content marketing that moves the needle and drives the bottom line.


We have the experts to edit your video, sweeten your sound, color correct and create astounding 2D & 3D motion GFX. With SkySee Video the Sky's the limit!

Latest Projects

XCMG / CV123PDU Compactor
Video walkaround, offering an overview of the XCMG CV123PDU, for dealers and potential buyers.

XCMG / XC948U Wheel Loader
Video walkaround, offering an overview of the XCMG XC948U, for dealers and potential buyers.