Corporate Video Marketing

Corporate Video Marketing

Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular corporate marketing tactics used today. Businesses can leverage the medium to showcase expertise, highlight company culture, promote events, and more. Whether your organization focuses on everyday consumers or other businesses, SkySee Video can help you develop engaging and conversion-driving video content.

Through the art of video, brands can tap into their audience’s emotions, tell a story, and convey value. The sounds, imagery, and message of a video can bring a brand to life and build personal connections with viewers. Some of the most successful corporate marketing videos make people laugh, cry, or come to a new realization. Create a relationship with your audience through professionally produced videos.

At SkySee Video, we offer complete on-the-ground and in-the-air video shooting services for corporate marketing purposes. If you need raw footage or end-to-end production support, think of our Atlanta-based team. We can travel anywhere in the Southeast in a matter of hours, and we look forward to earning your current and future business.

Video Services for B2C, B2B, and Nonprofit Marketers

When it comes to video marketing, the quality of the video matters. If you want to earn clicks, shares, and sales, you need a video that strikes a chord with your viewers and drives action. SkySee Video delivers polished and professional videos ideal for:


Highlight your brand’s culture, personality, and voice with brand-specific videos. We frequently provide brands with highly stylized hero shots for landing pages and evergreen video content to drive website engagement levels. Earn brand equity online with professional and captivating videos of your headquarters, representative job sites, and other business locations. We can provide raw footage for your in-house needs or deliver a completed production package with sound and custom graphics.

General Video Marketing

In addition to the shorter, stylized pieces we offer for branding purposes, we help our clients with a range of general marketing video activities. Consider us your full-service in-the-air and on-the-ground video package provider.

When you partner with us to develop videos for promotions, social media, special events, testimonials, conventions, and other marketing activities, we’ll develop compelling footage to draw in your audience and send the right marketing message. Use our work for multichannel marketing campaigns or as an exclusive offer for your existing clients.

Regardless of your goals, our expert videographers can turn them into a reality. From creating multiple versions of the video of varying lengths and languages to inserting custom graphics, we have access to a network of professionals who can do it all.

At SkySee Video, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer custom videography at every level. From the most basic requests for footage to visionary production projects, we are here to give you access to cost-effective and results-driven video content. If needed, we can even look for locations, acquire relevant permits, develop scripts, and more.

SkySee Video: Premier Corporate Marketing

When your audience members see a SkySee Video production, they will enjoy an immersive experience of footage shot in the sky and on the ground. Our managing partner maintains his FAA commercial drone pilot certification for day and night operations as well as an FAA light sport aircraft pilot certification.

To further protect our business and our clients, we carry $5,000,000 in insurance. You can count on us to move quickly to capture the perfect moments, deliver useful raw footage, and create beautiful completed productions ready for use across all digital mediums.

Customer satisfaction always comes first at SkySee Video. We will work with your team throughout the process to ensure proper direction and quality control. If you’re ready to see how video footage can transform your brand, give us a call at 404-808-4398 or email us at info@skyseevideo.com.