Cinematography in the film and entertainment industry grows more advanced every year. Today’s documentary filmmakers need to move at a rapid pace, change course at any time, and have the gear that allows the crew to be highly mobile. Every project is different, but the rigorous standards for quality remain the same. Anything less than the best simply won’t cut it. At SkySee Video, our videographers work to create seamless, multicam shoots, and use precision flying techniques to capture meaningful footage that producers love to see in their content, and viewers love to see in their films.

Explore the Possibilities

With exceptional on the ground and aerial footage, you can reach your audience in new and unexpected ways. Our high end cameras are capable of shooting scenes underwater, on the ground, in the air, and even in low light situations, allowing for minimal intrusion on the subject in their natural surroundings. We’ll also provide viewers with broadcast quality aerial imagery, including panoramic and birds eye views of landscapes. Set the mood for a touching, humorous, or devastating moment with drone footage that follows and centers the subject as they walk, run, drive, and engage in outdoor activities. Aerial footage capabilities transcend traditional cinematography techniques to deliver new angles with incredible clarity. The storytelling skills of our videographers and drone operators ensure that you’ll capture the moments you need to tell your story.