Tourism Videography

Aerial Tourism Videography

Traveling consumers often make purchasing decisions with their eyes first. If your brand doesn’t make a clear and compelling statement at first glance, you may miss the opportunity to connect with valuable customers. Today, video marketing is taking the lead in content marketing – it is engaging and easy to consume. To make your destination stand out in the tourism industry, invite your viewers for a closer look.

At SkySee Video, we offer complete on-the-ground and aerial video services for the tourism industry. We work with community organizers, restaurants, retailers, attractions, and all types of lodging facilities to create visually stunning panoramas travelers cannot ignore. Show, instead of tell to give travelers the best impression of what you offer.

Show off sparkling blue-green waters, a beautiful fall skyline, or your fall boutique product lineup with a custom-produced video made with your value proposition in mind. Take viewers on a local zip-line or give them a behind-the-scenes view of a chef artfully cooking steak flambé. Come to SkySee Video for all your tourism video needs.

Our Aerial Tourism Videography Services

We can accommodate a range of requests in the tourism industry. Our clients’ needs dictate the shooting style, video editing techniques, and effects we use. As a full-service tourism video production firm, we can find the right locations, secure permits, book talent, shoot footage, and edit footage to meet your specifications. Tourism clients come to us for:

  • Social media marketing. Create more engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram with vibrant, short, and entertaining videos. Display a highlight reel of your location’s features, make a quick statement, or walk-through an experience. Give your social media followers another reason to book their next outing with your brand.
  • Take your marketing strategy to the next level with a short video of your latest promotions and offerings. Create footage for a digital billboard, secure space on a local display, or take advantage of online video advertising opportunities. With our help, your audience will want to watch the video over and over again.
  • Web design projects. Give your homepage or landing added flair with a hero shot. We’ll find the best visual cues that will give your webpage background depth and meaning. Consider a cinemagraph (a living photograph with only one or two moving elements) to catch your audience off guard. Improve conversions with a video designed with your website needs in mind.
  • Special events. Make every event count with branded video content designed to attract new and repeat customers. If you’re sponsoring a booth at the local fair, hosting a seasonal gathering, or participating in a tourism promoting event, outshine the competition with a video that sells your brand and complements the event. Live stream an in-house event to draw in the crowds or shoot footage for future marketing campaigns. Event footage is particularly valuable in the marketing space.

Whether you’re working on general marketing activities or focused on a certain campaign, we can help you create a video you’ll love to share with your audience. Let us know if you require raw footage, the full package, or something in between, and we’ll deliver exactly what you need.

Partner with SkySee Video

When you need fresh marketing and advertising materials, who you partner with matters. Your audience will see a poorly executed video project a mile away. Instead of relying on amateur teams, give your audience an immersive experience with professional videography.

At SkySee Video, our business is fully FAA certified for commercial drone usage during the day and at night. We carry ample insurance to protect our clients, and we can travel quickly anywhere in the Southeast to capture the right moment for your project. With access to a network of professionals who specialize in design, writing, and other areas of production, we are truly a full-service video service firm.

Allow us to bring your location to life, and we’ll deliver a finished product you’ll want to share with the entire world. For more information about our tourism services, reach out to our team at 404-808-4398 or info@skyseevideo.com.