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Blowing Rock Romantic Getaway

1 of 3 videos for the Blowing Rock Tourism Development Authority, highlighting the Town of Blowing Rock as the perfect location for a romantic getaway.

Chetola Resort @ Blowing Rock/Fall Season

SkySee Video shot wide panoramas that perfectly highlighted the beauty of the resort and its surrounding area. We then added in a few slow motion clips shot on the ground. 57,000+ views on their Facebook page!

The Hold Fast Foundation

SkySee Video is a proud sponsor of The Hold Fast Foundation, Captained by Graham Hooper. The goal of Hold Fast is to offer fishing expeditions to military veterans and the disabled who often don't have the means to get out on the water. 100% of all donations go towards the maintenance of the boat, fuel and bait.

Kearns Marine Construction

Aerial and DSLR videography promotional video highlighting Kearns Construction and its team at work on the new docks at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club. Shot, produced and edited by SkySee Video.

SkySee Video | PT Stearman Biplane

Aerial imagery of a Boeing-Stearman Model 75 1930's and 1940's military trainer.

This American Land on PBS / Land of Legends

Mountain ranges in southern Arizona offer natural wonders for rock climbers and cave explorers, and an unimpeded landscape essential for the Army’s Fort Huachuca.

This American Land: Sage Advice for Sage Lands

Development, invasive species and fire are degrading Western sagebrush habitat that is critical for the greater sage-grouse and other wildlife.

This American Land: Farming The Upstream

Farmers in Iowa and Illinois adopt new practices to prevent runoff of chemicals and waste that would pollute the Mississippi River.

PBS This American Land/Megaloads

Protesters and a lawsuit in Idaho divert gigantic tar sands equipment convoys.

This American Land / Back To Organics

Small-scale farmers in Montana learn how to grow crops organically with helpful support from advisers with the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

This American Land / Sold on Organics

An organic store offers a healthy alternative to the people of Mississippi, and a small-scale farmer in Montana learns how to grow crops organically with helpful support from advisers with the Natural Resources Conservation Service.