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15 Dec 2017

How Drones are Pioneering a New Age of Tourism

More than 670,000 drones have been registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), according to Fortune. Not all of these drones are used for recreational or leisure purpose, however. On the contrary, the FAA only requires drone operators to register drones when they will be used for commercial purposes. There are dozens of ways in which businesses use drones, one of which is to promote vacation and tourism destinations. 2015, the Tipping Point for Drone Tourism Some people assume that […]

05 Sep 2017

Tourism Videos: The Marketing Formula For Future Guests

A strong marketing strategy is fundamental in the success of resorts, hotels and other tourist destinations. Statistics show that tourism and hospitality currently accounts for 10% of the entire global workforce (18% in Europe). It generates billions of dollars in revenue while stimulating countries’ economies in the process. But if you own a company that relies on tourism, you need to actively promote your business in order to succeed. Without a strong marketing strategy, your target audience won’t know about […]