Aerial Video: The Hidden Costs

A few years back I decided to go full small business and strike it out on my own. With 18 years in corporate advertising and promotion I thought I’d be ready for whatever came down the pike. What I struggled with, though, was the initial discussion of cost with our clients.

“How much do you charge for your service?” is a fair question. It was my job to justify our pricing in a way that made it clear that what I was going to do for them was worth the price of admission. I  explain how in addition to the FAA certification, the countless hours of training, and the high-end equipment required to complete a project, SkySee Video provides the highest level of service, expertise and quality. It had been a long time since I’d actually had to sell not only a service, but myself. So, I tell potential clients this:

We have overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients and can offer referrals upon request. Our rates are very competitive for the level of high quality work we do. At a minimum, SkySee Video operates with a 2-person crew for every aerial shoot; a pilot and a camera operator. It allows the pilot to maintain constant eye contact with the aircraft while positioning it for the camera operator. The camera operator makes sure our client’s service, product or location is perfectly framed up and the hero of every shot. The results are truly stunning visual imagery.

Like every profession, we constantly train and prepare for the inevitable technical glitches that pop up when using sophisticated equipment. We also rely on our two decades of experience in video production to ensure a smooth process during our shoots. By constantly training together, we’re up in the air longer, capturing products in eye-catching ways that make people, products and properties shine.

Finally – before we shoot anything we’ll have spent hours getting to know your product, with you on the phone, on the internet, or in person. We’ll discuss what you want to achieve with your video, and then offer suggestions based on our marketing and cinematography backgrounds.

We’ll scout the location and arrive early the day of the shoot… all of this to ensure that we capture the key areas at the right time of the day for the natural sunlight. Simply put, our final product will create perspectives, angles, and vistas that grab your target viewers’ eyes and hold onto them.

At SkySee Video, we gain our clients’ trust by providing a collaborative experience that results in a high quality final product. Our pricing depends on a myriad of factors, but regardless of the size and scope of a project you will receive outstanding customer service, and more importantly, visually breathtaking aerial footage. With drone videography increasing in popularity, it’s important to pick a company with the expertise to serve your needs. We’d be happy to show you why we’re that company.

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