6 Benefits of Drone Shoots for Top Tier Realtors

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), there are currently around two million real estate agents with active licenses practicing in the United States. It’s a highly competitive industry; that competition only increases when marketing luxury homes and estates. With such heated competition, the top realtors differentiate themselves by marketing their portfolio, and themselves, with professional, targeted videos. It’s a task that’s easily accomplished with the help of drone photo and video shoots.

If you’re a real estate professional who’s looking to sell more homes and beat the competition, you should invest in a drone shoot for the following six reasons.

#1) It Highlights the Landscape

Drones offer a more accurate representation of a home’s landscape, which is essential when selling a home. Traditional on-the-ground photo and video shoots often lack the three-dimensional perspective captured by drones. Prospective homebuyers can see the height and length of elements in a landscape, but they can’t see the depth. With drones, however, this isn’t a problem, as it provides a complete and comprehensive view of the home’s landscape.

So, why is it important to highlight the landscape? Studies show that an attractive landscape can add up to 15% to a home’s value. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that prospective buyers want an attractive landscape. With the help of professional drone services, you can capture stunning footage of landscapes from many different angles.

#2) It Shows Features that Would Otherwise Go Unnoticed

Drones can be used to capture photos and videos of features that would otherwise go unnoticed. If a home has a skylight or solar panels on the roof , for instance, prospective buyers may not notice these key selling points in traditional on-the-ground photos. With aerial footage, however, these features plus new roofs, chimneys, remodels are enhanced and available for prospective buyers to see.

#3) It Shows the Entire Neighborhood

It’s not just the home itself that prospective buyers consider when browsing homes; it’s also the neighborhood in which the home is located. With traditional on-the-ground video and photo shoots, prospective buyers don’t get a clear picture of the home’s neighborhood. Granted, traditional methods such as this allow prospective buyers to see the inside and outside of a home, but unfortunately it doesn’t reveal the neighborhood. With drones, however, real estate agents can capture an aerial view of the home and the neighborhood in which it is located.

Showing the neighborhood is particularly important when selling luxury homes. According to a survey of 500 home buyers conducted by Better Homes and Garden, 65% of buyers said they wanted more insight from their real estate agent about the neighborhood and the area in which they might choose to live.

#4) Marketing Material

Of course, drone shoots also provide real estate agents with more marketing material. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 73% of homeowners said they would be more likely to sell their home through an agent who uses video in their marketing efforts. Video is beneficial for buyers as well, as it helps them make a better decision regarding which property is right for their needs.

Aerial photos and videos of properties can be shot in the morning and on your real estate business’s website that afternoon. Aside from your website, you can upload them to your social media accounts, listing services, or even send them directly to prospective buyers.

#5) Virtual Tours

Drones are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications pertaining to real estate. In addition to traditional aerial shots, for instance, real estate agents can use them to create virtual tours of properties for sale.

A virtual tour offers an up-close and personal view of the property for sale, allowing prospective buyers to “wall through” the home in a video or digital environment. If a prospective buyer doesn’t have the time to visit the home, he or she may use a virtual tour to determine if it’s right for them. Assuming you use drone photos and videos to create your tour, you’ll have an easier time connecting with prospective buyers and convincing them to buy the property.

#6) Cost-Savings

Finally, investing in professional drone photography and videography will likely save real estate agents money in the long run. While helicopters offer a viable alternative to drone shoots, they can easily cost thousands of dollars, or more. Drones, on the other hand, offer an inexpensive and effective solution for capturing aerial photos and videos of a home.

Furthermore, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict laws requiring helicopters to fly at certain altitudes; thus, limiting their utility in real estate. Drones fly from the ground up to 400’, which is perfect for real estate aerial video and photography.

The bottom line is that more and more real estate agents are using drones to quickly sell their homes. Whether you’re looking to show a home’s landscape, neighborhood, quality craftsmanship, new renovations, or simply enhance your marketing strategy, you can’t go wrong with a drone shoot. The photos and videos captured by drones offer a unique perspective that’s simply not available shooting from on the ground.


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