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28 Oct 2017

Video: The Missing Element from Your Real Estate Business

Whether you’re a real estate agent or broker, video can help you connect with buyers and ultimately sell more homes. Unfortunately, video is something that many real estate professionals overlook, believing it’s an unnecessary element in their business. While there’s no rule stating that you must use video, doing so can prove invaluable in boosting sales. To learn more about video and why real estate professionals should use it, keep reading. More Clients Statistics show that homeowners are 73% more […]

16 Aug 2017

6 Benefits of Drone Shoots for Top Tier Realtors

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), there are currently around two million real estate agents with active licenses practicing in the United States. It’s a highly competitive industry; that competition only increases when marketing luxury homes and estates. With such heated competition, the top realtors differentiate themselves by marketing their portfolio, and themselves, with professional, targeted videos. It’s a task that’s easily accomplished with the help of drone photo and video shoots. If you’re a […]