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17 Jan 2018

Using Drones to Shoot the Perfect Trailer

Filmmakers have been using trailers to promote their movies and shows for more than a century. Also known as a “preview” or “coming attraction,” it typically consists of short footage that’s designed to captivate the respective audience and encourage them to see the full-length production. Although they are used for promotion, trailers have real entertainment value. In fact, a report by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists (AWFJ) found that movie trailers are the third most watched online video, following […]

16 Sep 2017

8 Drone Filming and Cinematography Techniques Explored

Drones have become an invaluable tool for the film industry. No longer are filmmakers confined to the ground because of constraints on the budget; they can now affordably take to the skies to capture truly engaging footage. Of course, there are many different drone cinematography techniques used by filmmakers, some of which we’re going to explore today. #1) Fly Over One of the most common drone cinematography techniques used by filmmakers is the fly over. This technique simply involves flying […]

27 Aug 2017

Helicopters vs Drones for Cinematography: Which Is Best?

From big-budget movie studios to independent filmmakers, more and more filmmakers are using aerial video to captivate their audience. Aerial shots provide unique perspectives of landscapes and environments that are simply not attainable with conventional on-the-ground cameras. There are generally two methods used by filmmakers to capture aerial shots: helicopters or drones. While both are fully capable of creating stunning shots from above, there are some key differences separating them. So, if you’re a filmmaker who’s trying to choose between […]

16 Aug 2017

6 Benefits of Drone Shoots for Top Tier Realtors

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), there are currently around two million real estate agents with active licenses practicing in the United States. It’s a highly competitive industry; that competition only increases when marketing luxury homes and estates. With such heated competition, the top realtors differentiate themselves by marketing their portfolio, and themselves, with professional, targeted videos. It’s a task that’s easily accomplished with the help of drone photo and video shoots. If you’re a […]

16 Aug 2017

How Drones are Changing the Film Industry

How Drones are Changing the Film Industry Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or what’s more commonly referred to as “drones,” have become instrumental in helping filmmakers capture the perfect shot. Before drones became commercially viable for the film & entertainment industry, filmmakers were typically restricted to on-the-ground shots and limited aerial shots using expensive helicopters. Now that drones are on the scene – and regulated for commercial use by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – filmmakers can break free of these […]